Emirates international has a range of courses to up skill your staff or train you in any area that will empower you to achieve success.

Our range of courses are

  • Coaching Skills for Managers
    As a manager it is crucial that they understand their role as a coach. Participants will learn how to monitor performance, evaluate, give feedback and run on-going training sessions. They will learn all the skills necessary to support and develop their teams.
  • Essential Management Skills
    To introduce participants to the complex issues involved in management, and build the foundation skills necessary for successful people managing at any level. Key topics covered include motivation, leadership, understanding & developing your team, conflict handling, delegation, and coaching.
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
    In today’s competitive business world organisations are under unprecedented pressure to deliver value to their key stakeholders. Managers in all parts of the organisation are finding that they need some degree of financial know how to cope with the responsibility placed on them as business managers and key decision-makers; monitoring and improving business performance, investing in capital projects, mergers and acquisitions: all require some degree of financial knowledge.
  • Influencing without Authority
    To provide an opportunity for self-reflection and analysis of participants’ personal impact and reputation, understanding how these things impact on both internal and external relationships. Participants will also develop greater self-awareness, knowledge and skills in influencing, with a particular focus given to the ability to adapt behaviours to enhance personal impact, develop productive relationships and generate greater levels of buy in from others.
  • Inspirational Leaders
    Underpinned by Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II®, and the Ten Golden Rules of Leadership©, the participants will examine their preferred style, their leadership strengths, development areas and potential blind spots. They will draw on their own experiences and examples to bring the Golden Rules to life, understanding how to practically apply them in their own work environment.
  • Leadership for Women
    The course exists to support, encourage, and contribute to the development of women who are, or aspire in future to be, leaders within the tertiary sector. Our goal is to increase women’s leadership capabilities and influence by enhancing their personal, professional and national-level skills and networks
  • Leading High Performance
    Participants will understand how leadership behaviours have a direct impact on individual, team and organisational performance. By using Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II ®, they will evaluate their own leadership behaviours, and understand how their preferred leadership style(s) should be adapted to the specific situation.
  • Managing Conflict
    To provide participants with the skills to be able to identify sources of conflict and develop clear strategies for resolving it. Conflict within teams can destroy working relationships and undermine the whole team’s performance
  • Planning, Organising and Delegation
    Using a range of fun yet thought provoking and practical activities the participants will examine how to organise themselves and their workloads more effectively. The course will provide the participants with the essential tools and techniques to be more effective at planning, organising and time management, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of their personal behavioural characteristics that may help or hinder them.
Customer Services
Presentation skills
Computer Skills
Selling Techniques
Leadership for Women
Human Resources

Our Trainers are qualified in their chosen field and offer extra assistance to assist you through your programme. A pre-course analysis is carried out if required so that we can help you choose the correct course for your needs.