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Experience: 0-2 yrs. | Salary: As above P.A | Opening(s): 50 | Posted on: May 13 2018 9:47PM
Job Description
Position Jobs in poland
Industry Type Construction
Functional Area Not Available
Location of Job Poland, Poland
Date of Joining 1-3 Months
Monthly Salary As above
Job Description Dream of working in u can< <p>Subject: Recruitment of Manpower from India.Nepal.Bangladesh , africa..<br>Dear Sir,<p>We request you to recruit on our behalf the below mentioned categories of personnel under the following terms and Conditions:<p>1Steel fixers 15 (Foundation Structure) Salary 16.50 PLN Per Hours <br>2Cement workers 15 (Masons) Salary 16.50 PLN Per Hours <br>3Carpenters 15 (Shuttering)Salary 16.50 PLN Per Hours <br>4Plumbers 15 (Building) Salary 16.50 PLN Per Hours <br>5Electricians 15Salary 16.50 PLN Per Hours <br>6Welders (Tig and MIG 65Salary 19.50 PLN Per Hours <br>7General Helper. Labour 80Salary 13.70 PLN Per Hours <br>8Food Packing Helper 200Salary 13.70 PLN Per Hours <br>9Hotel Waiter/Waiters 30Salary 14 PLN Per Hours <br>10Housekeeping Boy’s Girls 40Salary 14. PLN Per Hours <br>11Mushroom Packing Helper Female 60 Salary 13.70 PLN Per Hours <br>12Cook / Safe 10Salary 19.80 PLN Per Hours <p>Terms and Conditions are as follows:<p>1. The contract is for 2 Years. The worker will be on probation for 3 months and will be confirmed on successful completion of probationary period.<br>2. The company will provide the following <p>•Food Self Candidate <br>•Air ticket Self Candidate <br>•Fully furnished bachelor accommodation. Provided By Company<br>•Transport from residence to place of work and back. Provided By Company<br>•Medical facilities and worksite insurance. Provided By Company Provided By Company<br>•Residence Permit (TR) for the period of this contract and for any renewed period, and any fine due to delay in obtaining such Permit. Provided By Company<p>No deduction/recovery from the salary of the workers will be affected by the Company for the above. <p>3. Working hours will be 8 (eight) hours per day for 6 (six) consecutive days per week, with one day off. Overtime allowance will be paid for any additional Daily 4 hours of work in accordance with the Labor Law of POLAND <p>Note: for service charges and any other information you just make a call to us, so that we can explain you clearly.<br>Thank you.!!!<p>Documant need <br>1. All Pages Passport copy <br>2. White background Photo <br>3. Experience Certificate <br>4. Education certificate <p>Total services charged 6500EURO <p>PAYMENT TRAMS <p>1. WITH CV 600Euro <br>2. After work permit 2000Euro <br>3. Balance after stamp visa in passport<p>TEL MARIE +971555410096. Email<br></br></p></br></br></p></p></p></br></br></br></br></p></br></p></p></p></br></br></br></br></br></p></br></p></p></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></p></p></br></p></br>
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Education Any
Gender Not Gender Specific
Nationality Any
Current Location Poland, Poland
Age Any
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